Swedish based Dennis Nilsson is a freelance nature photographer, specilized in poison dartfrogs and neotropical toads. He loves photographing in the Latin American rainforests and have been published world-wide in magazines like, 'Leaf litter magazine' (us/worldwide), 'Kryp och Kräl' (se), 'Terrariet' (se), 'DN-Magazine' (nl) just to mention a few. His photos can also be seen in several scientific publications. If you have been reading printed articles about the Panamanian Golden Frog or about poison dartfrogs, you have probably also seen some of his work.


  • Atelopus zeteki
    Here is a photo of the extinct panamanian golden frog.
  • Me and Mrs Zeteki
    I am holding one of the last A. zeteki females in wild
  • Ducati SuperSport 750ie
    Here is a photo of my loved motorbike RIP

Dennis is holding high class photo hearings and lectures about frogs from diffrent locations in Latin America and they are very popular at Photo Festivals, Societys that need a speaker, public hearings and simular. The most appreciated with him is that he is there mostly for showing his wonderful photos, but he also answers all questions regarding the animals in his photos since he has a genuine interest and knowledge about his speciality - still not only photographing frogs and toads but also people, wonderful views, insects and and other animals. He is also frequently requested to write articles to be published in diffrent magazines about animals he have photographed during his trips.


How did the story start?

The love for photography was discovered in school when learning some B/W photo processing when he was 12 years old, but it took a new turn in 1999 when he bought his first digital camera and used it in combination with a regular 35mm-SLR camera. It took new turns when he bought his first Digital SLR camera (EOS 10D) in 2003, but still using the 35-film camera only for B/W photo and processing his photos himself.
He has always been interested in diffrent forms of art and photography is just one of the forms he has been working with. Dennis always try to find his own way or style in capturing a snapshot of his view of the nature in an artistic way.


Travels the world

To get the best photos Dennis is travelling the world for finding and photographing animals that are rare or in some cases even declared extinct in wild. Sometimes he fails but he has also succed in impossible missions. His interest in conservation of species and habitats and experience to these rare animals in nature is just as big as his photo interest.

Some of the countries he traveled to several times is: Costa Rica, Panamá and Colombia.


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